5-Day Anxiety Challenge

5-Day Anxiety Challenge

taught by Celeste Coffman, Licensed Professional Counselor

Course description

Welcome to the 5-Day Anxiety Challenge!

I am honored you decided to join me here - and I'm excited for you to learn real, practical ways to deal with stress and anxiety.

These tactics will offer insight into the source of your anxiety, and how to address it - without adding to your existing feelings of overwhelm. Everything I introduce here is short, simple, and easy to apply to your real life.

I want to provide you with tools you can draw on time and again when life gets away from you and panic sets in. So make yourself comfortable, and get ready to learn real strategies for feeling like you're finally in control again.

You can do this!

Celeste Coffman, Licensed Professional Counselor
Celeste Coffman, Licensed Professional Counselor
Licensed Professional Counselor

I believe in the transformative power of consistent, simple habits to create extraordinary momentum.

Equipped with a master's degree and extensive training in brain science, human behavior, relationships, nutrition, wellness, and psychology, I rely on clinically-proven strategies for creating forward momentum.

Let's work together to begin designing the life you were meant to live!