Anxiety Relief Roadmap

Anxiety Relief Roadmap

Releases April 1, 2017 | taught by Celeste Coffman, Licensed Professional Counselor

Course description

Many users find our free guides to be extremely helpful, but still want to dive a bit deeper into some of the causes of panic, anxiety and stress.

If you’d like more strategies to help you overcome your panic and live a life of calm, consider our Anxiety Relief Strategy Plan.

  • Put your finger on the reason for your anxiety
  • Identify the best (and worst) coping skills for your personal stressors
  • Learn how to relax yourself effectively and head off panic
  • Decide whether medication is right for you

For less than the cost of dinner out, you can have a plan for:

  • Conquering stress
  • Managing anxiety
  • Sleeping better
  • Living calmer
Celeste Coffman, Licensed Professional Counselor
Celeste Coffman, Licensed Professional Counselor
Licensed Professional Counselor

I believe in the transformative power of consistent, simple habits to create extraordinary momentum.

Equipped with a master's degree and extensive training in brain science, human behavior, relationships, nutrition, wellness, and psychology, I rely on clinically-proven strategies for creating forward momentum.

Let's work together to begin designing the life you were meant to live!