Stress Skills Deeper Dive

Stress Skills Deeper Dive

Clinically-proven strategies for a calmer life | taught by Celeste Coffman, Licensed Professional Counselor

Course description

This course contains all of the modules from our Stress Skills Quick Dip, along with more intensive strategies for managing your stress, burnout and overwhelm.

You'll learn the same strategies Celeste teaches therapy clients in her private practice:

  • Whether you're experiencing stress or clinical anxiety
  • 5 tips to de-stress without medication
  • How to uncover the true root of your worry, anxiety or stress
  • The 12-minute routine to completely relax your mind and body
  • Much more!

Visiting a therapist to learn these techniques could cost you upwards of $900... why wait?

Celeste Coffman, Licensed Professional Counselor
Celeste Coffman, Licensed Professional Counselor
Licensed Professional Counselor

I believe in the transformative power of consistent, simple habits to create extraordinary momentum.

Equipped with a master's degree and extensive training in brain science, human behavior, relationships, nutrition, wellness, and psychology, I rely on clinically-proven strategies for creating forward momentum.

Let's work together to begin designing the life you were meant to live!