Private Wellness & Self-Care Assessment

Private Wellness & Self-Care Assessment

Have Your Habits Assessed by a Professional Therapist | taught by Celeste Coffman, Licensed Professional Counselor

Course description

Wondering why you're stuck overthinking, stressing out, and spinning your wheels?

Our lives are meant to be balanced among the 5 core areas of wellness, but daily life tends to knock us right out that balance...

This assessment is perfect for the client who:

  • Struggles with trying to balance a healthy diet, exercise, mental health, parenting and relationships into a schedule packed with chores and duties
  • Knows what habits are healthy but just can't seem to make them stick

Sound like you? In this Assessment you'll receive:

  • A wellness assessment to determine your particular areas of challenge
  • A personalized report from Celeste Coffman, Licensed Professional Counselor, outlining the results of your assessment
  • An individualized self-care plan to fill the gaps between the life you want and the life you have
Celeste Coffman, Licensed Professional Counselor
Celeste Coffman, Licensed Professional Counselor
Licensed Professional Counselor

I believe in the transformative power of consistent, simple habits to create extraordinary momentum.

Equipped with a master's degree and extensive training in brain science, human behavior, relationships, nutrition, wellness, and psychology, I rely on clinically-proven strategies for creating forward momentum.

Let's work together to begin designing the life you were meant to live!

Course Curriculum

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Wellness Assessment
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Receiving Your Assessment Results
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