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1-Year Subscription to Clinically Proven Stress & Anxiety Management Strategies | taught by Celeste Coffman, Licensed Professional Counselor

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Quiet Mind Collective delivers the best anxiety management coping skills to you month-by-month, all curated by a professional therapist.

Each Month for One Year You'll Get:

A new video lesson on a specific stress or anxiety challenge

An exercise or activity to help you cope better with anxiety

A resource, strategy, or guide to help you dig deeper

A story or case study

Some of the Topics Already in Our Content Library:

  • The Symptoms and Stereotypes of True OCD
  • The 16 Things You Need to Survive a Panic Attack
  • 3 Quizzes to Determine Your Anxiety Areas
  • How I Spent $6 to Bash My Anxiety and Change My Outlook on Life
  • The Bizarre Trick for Managing Anxiety That's Exactly OPPOSITE of What Your Friends Would Suggest
  • How to choose a therapist or break up with your current one
  • Explanations of current medications for anxiety and Panic Disorder
  • Plus much, much more!

Studies show that 75%-90% of doctor visits are for symptoms that actually are a result of stress or anxiety.*

What's more, stress can cause or worsen many health conditions:

  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • High blood pressure
  • Depression
  • Headaches
  • And many more*

At an $100-$350 per session for private therapy, you could easily pay up to $18,000 to learn this number of anxiety strategies.

Do you have that much extra cash lying around? Do you have time to schedule weekly therapy visits around your work and family schedule? How much time and money do you spend on doctor visits, self-help books, medical advice sites, supplements, drugs and more? Is that really the best use of your resources?

For a fraction of the cost, Quiet Mind Collective can teach you all the skills you'd learn in traditional therapy.

If you were 100lbs overweight, you'd see a doctor and join a gym, right? After you lost the weight, you wouldn't just stop exercising. That would be ridiculous!

You'd keep your gym membership as preventative maintenance so that your weight doesn't explode again.

Quiet Mind Collective is the same kind of preventative maintenance.

Quiet Mind Collective is like a gym membership for your emotions: preventative maintenance of your anxiety keeps the worst symptoms at bay.


Celeste Coffman, Licensed Professional Counselor
Celeste Coffman, Licensed Professional Counselor
Licensed Professional Counselor

I believe in the transformative power of consistent, simple habits to create extraordinary momentum.

Equipped with a master's degree and extensive training in brain science, human behavior, relationships, nutrition, wellness, and psychology, I rely on clinically-proven strategies for creating forward momentum.

Let's work together to begin designing the life you were meant to live!

Course Curriculum

OCD - Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
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Stress & Anxiety Concerning World Events
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